Saitama's Women Junior College | Summer 2019



Saitama Women's Junior College enables Edmonds CC students to experience Japanese hospitality in homestays with families providing homemade Japanese breakfasts and dinners. Along with attending a Japanese Hospitality class, students tour the famous town of Kamakura, downtown Tokyo, and bamboo forests. This program is a chance to experience the foundation of Japanese reception and history, while hanging out with Japanese college students excited to converse!

Explore Saitama Women's Junior College (in Japanese).

Check out 2017 photos of our two Edmonds CC/Saijo Exchange alumni.

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Free tuition and excursions run by Saitama Women's Junior College.

Costs incurred by students would cover airfare, some meals, some local transportation, and souvenirs to range between $2000 - $2200.

Program Dates: July 2nd 2019 - July 15th 2019

Application Deadline: February 16th, 2019

Pre-Departure Meetings: There will be 32 mandatory pre-departure meetings in Snohomish Hall 301 (TBA)

Follow current Edmonds CC Student Anastasiia Zavialova here, while she finishes her time at Saijo!

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