Study Abroad

How to Apply

1. Set up a Meeting with the Study Abroad Office

Plan ahead — Programs fill up quickly! Think 2-3 quarters in advance and talk to us about what program best fits your needs. Set up an appointment online, or email If appointment times online do not work for your schedule, give us a call at 425.640.1618, or come by our offices in Snohomish Hall, Room 301 for help making an appointment.

2. Meet with your Academic Advisor and the Financial Aid Office

Find out how the classes offered on your program apply towards your degree, and how your financial aid can be applied towards your program. Interested students should review our “Funding Your Experience” page and apply to any scholarships you are eligible for.

3.Turn in Your Application Documents

Bring these documents to our office and leave them with the front desk or email them to

  • Application Packet (Dependent on program. Email for more information)
  • One or Two Letters of Recommendation (depending on your program)
  • 1 Page Personal Essay
  • Unofficial transcript with your most recent quarter (showing over a 2.5 GPA)

Our office will review your documents and let you know within a week if you have been accepted to the program and how to proceed. Please note that students that have been sanctioned by the college are disqualified from applying to, or participating in an Edmonds CC study abroad program.