Learning Support Center

Grammar Corner

Mukilteo Hall, room 113

Mon.-Thurs.: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Need assistance understanding grammar errors in your writing? Stop by Grammar Corner! Grammar Corner, which is staffed primarily by faculty from the Academic English department, is a free, drop-in service that you can use to learn more about how English grammar works and to learn editing strategies for spotting and correcting grammar errors. We’re proud to be offering this support service in partnership with the AENGL department.

Read below to see the answers to some commonly asked questions about what Grammar Corner is and how Grammar Corner works!

How is Grammar Corner different than the regular Writing Center?

Working with a Grammar Corner instructor is quite different from working with a writing tutor in the Writing Center. Sessions are shorter and more targeted in Grammar Corner—unlike in a writing center conference where you’ll look at things like your thesis and organization before talking about grammar, in Grammar Corner, you will only be talking about grammar.

Another difference is that in Grammar Corner you will be working mostly with faculty instructors who are experts in teaching students about grammar, while in a writing center conference you are typically working with a student tutor.

What should I bring?

Bring a paragraph of your own writing. The instructors will not look at an entire paper with you—they will only look at about a paragraph of your work to talk about the patterns of grammar errors you are making and how to recognize and correct them. It can sometimes be helpful to bring writing that one of your teachers has already marked or highlighted for you with some errors pointed out, but this is not required.

Will an instructor edit or proofread for me?

No, your instructor will never edit your paragraph for you. The goal of Grammar Corner is to give you more one-on-one instruction in grammar, so that you have tools and strategies for reading and revising your writing on your own, when an instructor or tutor is not there with you.

What will we do?

You will sit down with an instructor who will talk to you about your writing and about your understanding of grammar, and who will help you learn to recognize and correct the errors that you make the most often. You might come with a specific question about a particular aspect of grammar and have a session with an instructor where you discuss mainly that question. Or, you can come without anything specific you want to focus on, and the instructor will help guide your session.

How often can I come to Grammar Corner?

Because Grammar Corner has somewhat limited hours, we ask that you only make one visit per week, so that instructors have time to work with as many students as possible.

Do you have any resources I can use to study grammar on my own time?

Yes! You can find many grammar explanations, chances to practice particular parts of grammar, and links to additional resources on this grammar website that was put together by one of our Grammar Corner instructors, Ted Friedenson. You can also find some handouts on specific grammar concepts both in our in-person Writing Center and online on our Writing Center Handouts page.