International Student Services

LewerMark Student Medical Insurance

How to get a medical insurance ID card?

  1. Please go to this website:
  2. Click on Student Login for ID Card
  3. Login: Input your Student ID # 958-
  4. Password: Input your Date of Birth (mmddyyyy) (Example: your birthday is March 17, 1997- You type 03171997)
  5. Click continue
  6. Change your password, then retype it to confirm. Select a security question and answer it, then fill in your email address. Click “Update”
  7. Click on drop down list- Start Here!
  8. Select Online ID Card and print out

*After printing out your insurance ID card, please take a picture of it and save on your phone.

*If you are a new student, please wait 3 weeks after registration to print.

*If you have any questions, you may also contact Lewer Regional Sales Director: Laura Caferro at


  • Please remember to bring your insurance ID card when you’re going to clinic or hospital.
  • If you get a bill from clinic or hospital, please bring it to ISS and we will help you process the payment.
  • Please do not pay upfront; you only pay $20 deductible for in-network clinics and $100 for emergency room.
  • Urgent care clinics are open evenings and weekends for immediate treatments. However, for broken bones, heart attack, heavy bleeding, and unconsciousness or for any sort of sudden or very painful illnesses or serious accidents, please go to the nearest hospital.