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Center for Student Engagement & Leadership




Tyma Bou
Green Team Event Coordinator

“My name is Featthima Bou, but I go by Tyma. I enjoy watching sci-fi movies and staying under the sun, but mostly I enjoy learning new things. Being a part of the Green Team helps me learn and understand more about sustainability and how it connects to our everyday life. Along the way, I’ve also learned a lot about myself from my surroundings which helps me to growth as a person."


Laura Tesson
Campus Farm Coordinator

"My name is Laura. I have always believed that being ecologically engaged day to day is the beginning of real changes; that is why I chose to become a part of the Green Team. I want to help students to know how having sustainable actions and improve the environment inside our campus by making sustainability a priority. As well as I am helping my teammates to promote the Green Team, I’m also involved in the farm by helping volunteers during work parties. I enjoy making students’ volunteering experience instructive and exciting."


Crystal Vu
Waste Stream Specialist

"My name is Chau Vu, my English name is Crystal. I love reading books and gardening, but mostly I enjoy learning and challenging myself. As a member of Green Team, I learn and understand more about sustainability and try to live a zero waste life. Furthermore, I’ve also improve myself a lot by learning from my friends, advisors. In the long run, as a waste stream specialist, I want to help students and the communities know how they can create a good environment with their small acts."


Sarah Safadi
Outreach Coordinator

“My name is Sarah Safadi, I love backpacking, ice skating, rock climbing and lots more. I am always open to talking to people, I am the Green Team Outreach Coordinator because I want to share my ideas with others on how we can help each other create a sustainable World. My goal is to help spread the word on how everyone can contribute to make our campus green."


Shane Crawford

AmeriCorps - Student Engagement Specialist

"My name is Shane Crawford. I work as an Americorps member for the Center for Service-Learning and the Green Team. I grew up in Mukilteo and received an Associate of Arts from Edmonds College, before transferring to Western Washington University, where I graduated in 2017. I love hiking, backpacking, skiing, and exploring the earth however I can. I'm a musician and can be spotted at concerts around Seattle most weekends. My goal is to help students create personal connections with the natural world through hands-on experience, so they can find the motivation to act as stewards in their daily lives."


Stewart Sinning

"My name is Stewart Sinning. I have been the Program Manager for the Center for Service-Learning and the Green Team since 2014. Before this, I was a student at Edmonds College earning my degree in Energy Management. Through the Energy Management program, I have gained an appreciation for energy and resource conservation and the effects we have on the environment due to our energy use and waste. I have learned about sustainability issues here and throughout the community and I recognize the opportunity we have in making our campus more sustainable. Being a part of the Green Team will allow me to be a part of that endeavor."


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