Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

The Executive Board

This is the official voice of the student body. The board legislates, promotes, and regulates student activities and affairs. It represents Edmonds Community College students to faculty, staff, administrators, and legislators. The board can only act on issues raised by students, so please voice your concerns and share your accolades.

Executive Board Meeting Schedule

Meet the 2018-2019 Executive Officers

Mustapha Samateh - Administrative Liaison

profileThe Executive Officer for Administrative Liaison serves as the primary student administrator for Student Government and implements actions on decisions.

 "I am a second year student here at Edmonds Community College, and I am pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree with an interest in Political Science. I am a passionate representative, and my desire is to work alongside with members of the Associated Students to help enrich student life and culture on campus. We will bring a positive outlook and academic motivation to help our student body succeed. We are here to be the voice of our student body; therefore we ask all students to participate in some way this academic year."

Alice Duong - Academics

The Executive Officer for Academics advocates for students in classroom issues and coordinates with staff, such as Executive Vice President for Instructions.

"I came to Edmonds CC in spring 2017 as an international student pursuing an associate degree in biology. I’m planning to transfer to a four-year university majoring in biochemistry in Fall 2019. It is my pleasure to take on the position as an Executive Officer for Academics. With all of my leadership skills, spirit, and experiences, I will try my best to assist student success, voice students’ concerns, embrace the diversity, and engagement in the college."

Suchansinee (Zasar) Jongpermwattanpol - Budget and Finance


The Executive Officer for Budget and Finance acts as the financial manager and advisor for the Association.

"I came to Edmonds CC in the fall of 2017 as an international student from Thailand. I have received a high school diploma here and am currently pursuing an Associate in Business as I plan to transfer to a four-year university and work towards a bachelor’s degree. I am honored to be part of student government and hope to serve students to the best of my abilities. I look forward to a great academic year!"


Marc Rayner-Payne - Clubs

The Executive Officer for Clubs promotes and assists clubs by determining funding, chartering, and attending club events.

"I am currently in my second academic year at Edmonds CC. I am an international student, and I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. My academic goal at Edmonds CC is to receive an associate degree and transfer to a Business Management and Information Technology degree at CWU. Among other things, I also want to try and make this campus as welcoming and pleasant for every student." 


Loren Everhart - Community Relations


The Executive Officer for Community Relations serves to represent students to various community-based committees.

"I started taking English as a second language at Edmonds CC in 2016, and now I’m getting closer to finishing my Associate in Science in Electrical Engineering and transferring to a four-year university. Representing our students and our campus community is a privilege that I have as an Executive Officer; moreover, I'm honored to serve as a voice for our community and advocate for your rights to the best of my ability."


Jasmine Banks - Diversity


The Executive Officer for Diversity works to support campus wide diversity efforts to create an inclusive, safe environment for all students.

"I am enrolled at Edmonds CC in the Business Management Transfer Degree program. As a child, I always dreamed of having a high-level corporate job. I joined student government for a variety of reasons such as to grow my professional work experience, to test the waters of politics, and to plant my roots on campus. My goal is to grow in my position by figuring out how to make the campus more like a second home to all students." 

Edward Samudra - Student Relations


The Executive Officer for Student Relations takes notes of student concerns and issues, and is also responsible for supporting understanding student rights. 

"I am an international student from Indonesia, and I am hoping to achieve both my college degree and high school diploma by the end of this academic year. I am very glad to be able to serve on the executive board, and I am eager to make this college a better place than it already is."



 Kevin Long - Technology


The Executive Officer for Technology is an advocate for technology use campus wide and responsible for managing digital operations, such as our website and social media 

"I’m a second-year Edmonds CC student working towards a degree in computer science. Serving the student body as Executive Officer for Technology is truly a privilege, and I hope to use this position to promote equitable access to and engaged use of all the technology available at the college. "



Jackie Toteva - Assistant to the Executive Board


The Assistant to the Executive Board helps organize many parts of Student Government, such as meetings, notes, and minutes.

"I am a Running Start student, and this year will be my second year attending Edmonds CC. I plan to graduate this spring quarter with an Associate in Arts degree and transfer to a four year university. I look forward to assisting my fellow colleagues as well as the students here. Let's make this a great year for the community here at Edmonds CC! "



Qania Lihawa - Communications Assistant


The Communications Assistant works on maintaining transparency and marketing the means of the board by informing the student body through media platforms. 

"I am currently undergoing my second year at Edmonds CC with a goal to pursue my associates degree in finance for transfer next fall quarter. I’m honored to serve as the official voice for the students as we promote their rights and opinions while endeavoring for a better community. I hope my stature as an Associated Student is my first step into a long-lasting leadership venture."