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Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

The Executive Board

This is the official voice of the student body. The board legislates, promotes, and regulates student activities and affairs. It represents Edmonds College students to faculty, staff, administrators, and legislators. The board can only act on issues raised by students, so please voice your concerns and share your accolades.

Executive Board Meeting Schedule

Meet the 2019-20 Executive Officers

Brenda Obonyo - Administration

BrendaThe Executive Officer for Administration serves as the primary student administrator for Student Government and implements actions on decisions.

"I am currently pursuing an Associates of Science in Physics degree. My goal is to major in Computer Science and minor in Applied Mathematics. My initial reason for joining Edmonds College was because it was near my home. I chose to stay because the instructors are great and the school is affordable. Edmonds College has managed to build a diverse population which focuses on equity and inclusion.

I joined the Executive Board because I am passionate about my community and being part of the Associated Students gives me the opportunity to make a change and have an impact on my community.

My goal as the Executive Officer for Administration is to fully represent the students to the administration and be a voice of the students. I can only do this with your help. Please reach out to me or the executive board team if you have any questions, concerns and suggestions.

We are here for you."

Jason Nimpoeno - Academics

The Executive Officer for Academics advocates for students in classroom issues and coordinates with staff, such as Executive Vice President for Instructions.

"I am currently in my second year on pursuing my Associates degree in Edmonds College. I came here for my transfer degree in Food Science and I'm planning to graduate in the upcoming spring quarter. I'm very honored to be able to assist students in issues regarding academics and classroom environment as part of the Student Government. With my position as the Executive Board member I'm hoping to be able to advocate and voice student issues and needs in the upcoming year!"

Vanessa Zelenović - Budget and Finance


The Executive Officer for Budget and Finance acts as the financial manager and advisor for the Association.

"I am a second-year running start student at Edmonds College. I enrolled in Edmonds to study political science and see a new campus. I decided to join the Executive Board after participating as a student representative in the S&A Fee Budget Committee last year. That experience opened my eyes to all the opportunities available at Edmonds College. I want to make sure that every student is aware of these opportunities so they can make the most of their college experience."

Hayden Tran - Clubs

The Executive Officer for Clubs promotes and assists clubs by determining funding, chartering, and attending club events.

"Coming from an ordinary Vietnamese family as an international student, Edmonds College impressed me in lots of aspects. Although I'm pursuing my Associate of Arts in Business, politics and social services have always been a part of my hobby. As an Executive Officer for Clubs, I'm eager to bring all my leadership skills to help YOU, the students, start engaging more on campus and together, we all will make college experience become an unforgettable memory in your life!"

Benjamin Thompson - Community Relations


The Executive Officer for Community Relations serves to represent students to various community-based committees.

"I am a second year student at Edmonds College, and I am taking classes to transfer into an Economics BAS program. I joined the student government because of my desire to make sure our voices are heard. I will be working this year on transferring allocation of student fees to programs that benefit all students. I will also advocate at the college level, state level, and national level for student interests."

Sara Jones - Diversity


The Executive Officer for Diversity works to support campus wide diversity efforts to create an inclusive, safe environment for all students.

"I am a third year student starting the Bachelor's of Applied Science in Child, Youth, and Family Services here at Edmonds College. I am an empathetic, passionate, and driven student, employee, mom, and friend. My goal as the Executive Office of Diversity for the '19-'20 school year is to investigate, address, and work to close the equity gap on campus. I am here for our students who feel there is work to be done to create equity amongst all identities and ask that any student who has an interest in this work to contact me."

Gary Yan Xuan - Student Relations

The Executive Officer for Student Relations takes notes of student concerns and issues, and is also responsible for supporting understanding student rights.

"I came to Edmonds College in the spring of 2019 as an international student from Kunming, China. My academic goal is to earn a Business Associate degree and transfer to a four-year university. It is my pleasure to serve the student body as Executive Officer for Student Relations and I will bring my positive motivation, experiences, leadership and communication skills to help our student body succeed."

Kevin Long - Technology


The Executive Officer for Technology is an advocate for technology use campus wide and responsible for managing digital operations, such as our website and social media.

"I’m a third-year Edmonds College student working towards a degree in computer science. Serving the student body as Executive Officer for Technology is truly a privilege, and I hope to use this position to promote equitable access to and engaged use of all the technology available at the college. "

Quan Nghiem - Assistant to the Executive Board


The Assistant to the Executive Board helps organize many parts of Student Government, such as meetings, notes, and minutes.

"I am an international student from Vietnam. I came to Edmonds College in winter of 2019 with a goal to pursue my Associates degree in Science and transfer to a four-year university. I hope to assist the students and my fellow board members to the best of my abilities. Together, we can make Edmonds College become the best experience for every single student."