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Clubs at Edmonds Community College

Club Forms

Chartering Clubs
  1. Have 5 participants.
  2. Fill out and submit the Club Chartering Packet to the CSEL welcome desk (BRI 252).
  3. Upon receiving an email from the Club Programmer, attend the Club Training and Google Site Training.

Note: If more information is needed, please read the Club Handbook for more information.

  1. Request form: In legible handwriting, please fill out the following. Please note that you may fill out multiple parts of the request form and submit to theCSEL welcome desk (BRI 252).
    1. The information section: This section is comprised of basic contact information and the reason for filing the request form, including the date the action requested needs to be enforced.
    2. If you are requesting a room, please fill out the room request part of the form.
      • If you are requesting a room in the Gym, please contact Kim Johansen (
      • If you are requesting the Black Box Theater, please contact Jen Matthews (425-640-1629).
    3. If you are requesting graphics, please fill out the graphics portion of the form.
      • It is recommended that you email or meet with the graphics team to discuss your advertising.
    4. If you are requesting a cash box, reimbursement, a p-card as an advisor, a check for payment, or tickets, please fill out the coordinating box for each of request.
      • If you are requesting reimbursement for food that your club bought, please attach the second page of the purchase justification form along with your receipts.
      • If requesting payment in the form of a check, please include the original contract or invoice specifying the amount agreed upon.
    5. Please complete the form by providing your advisors signature, along with your signature and budget number. It is recommended that you cross out any unused part of the request form, in order to avoid confusion. Please turn this form in to the CSEL Welcome Desk (BRI 252) at least 10 business days before the expected time you will need your request fulfilled.
  2. Every quarter, please fill out the Quarterly Club Report and turn it in to CSEL (BRI 252). It is recommended that you continue filling it out throughout the quarter, in order to meet the designated deadline for this form.
  3. Fill out the Purchase Justification form if your club is purchasing items using club funds. If you are buying food for under 50 people, please fill out the second page of this form and turn it in to CSEL (BRI 252).
  4. Fill out the Club Release form if your club is participating in an activity that poses a risk. Please have each member fill this form out and give it to the club advisor in order to participate.
  5. Fill out the Community Service Project Application if your club is going to participate in or put on an enriching event towards for students and/or the community. Please submit parts A and B to CSEL (BRI 252).

CSEL Club Team Contact Information

Name Position Email

Aria Zhang

Close up photo of Aria 

Club Events Programmer

Irham   Tirtosupono

Close up photo of Irham

Club Administration Programmer

                Marc Rayner-Payne

Close up photo of Marc

Executive Officer for Clubs

Dennis  Denman


Assistant Director for Center for Student Student Engagement and Leadership