Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

Student Clubs

Accounting Club

Connects students with the information, opportunities, peers and industry professionals that will allow them to understand and possibly begin a career in accounting.

Apprentices of Jesus Club

Give Christians at EdCC a place to encourage each others in their faith, and to give opportunities to strangers of Christianity, in order to learn what faith in Jesus is about.

Arithmetic Club

Help the mathematics studies for students to improve their calculations quickly and correctly more than the calculator does.

Bee Club

Maintain the honeybee colonies on the college campus, promote awareness of the importance of honeybees, and sell honey and other products to generate funds to promote our mission

Bridges International Club

Provide a safe space for students to make social connections, gain service opportunities, have spiritutal conversations, and develop student leadership.

Chinese Pop Music Club

 Communicating with popular music lovers, as well as spreading Chinese popular muisic by setting up meetings and doing chorus rehearsal.

Chinese Students Association Club

Make EdCC Chinese students communicate often. Promote Chinese culture, communication and provide help to new Chinese students at EdCC.

Computer Science and Engineering Club

Help others with their CS/Engineering classes do fun Computer projects, and possibly do trips to tech companies in Washington.

EdCC Film Club

Create an environment fit to screen and discuss the most innovative and well done films for those with a passion for film.

EdCC Hip Hop Dance Club

Provide a platform for students to come together and learn to dance and share experiences with people who have the passion to dance.

EdCC Horn Ensemble Club

 Promote horn playing and study at Edmonds CC and the surrounding Edmonds area.

EdCC Indonesian Club

Introduce the Indonesian culture, cusine, and events to international students. Providing a community for Indonesian students.

Engineering Club

Connect prospective and current engineering students with one another and share resources for future success.

Film Production Club

 Shoot short films, movies, and clips.

Global Volunteer Club

Promote service learning on campus and in the global community and to give students opportunities for volunteering.

Game Developers Club

Help students with any level of experience learn how to design and develop games using industry-standard tools. Game development requires more than just coding skills and game developers club(GDC) would like to help students find their talents.

Korean Christian Club

Preach the gospel to students, and make community to read the Bible, study, eat and hang out together.

K-pop Dance Club

Gather a group of people who love dance, passion about dance to meet together weekly and performance on the stage.


Build community and support each other.

Math Club

 Help students become more acquainted with the community consisting of other like minded students, find educational support, and be informed about opportunities for activities and enrichment.

Merchants Of Hope Club

Selling hope, having networking with those who share similar interests and to support each other.

Native Students Association Club

Honor our past by supporting our future through sharing our culture and educating each other.

Phi Theta Kappa Club

Support members who are Phi Theta Kappa members.

Running Club

Promote students, faculty and staff to exercise their bodies as well as their minds

Society of Women Engineers Club

 Create a more friendly environment for everyone, especially women in STEM with a positive community for learning, using hands-on experience, networking, and much more!

Student Veteran Association Club

To create an environment that empowers students and veterans to achieve their personal, professional and academic goals through campus and community engagement.

Vietnamese Student Association Club

Promote Vietnamese culture at EdCC and act as a platform to connect Vietnamese students together.


To give students the opportunity to experience scientific research at the community college level and give them tools to succeed in real life research fields