Academic Computer Services

Students in a computer lab

ACS Announcements

  • Did you know there are open labs in Alderwood (ALD) Hall?  Stop by the first floor of  ALD to find a place to study!
  • Need help changing your password? Can't login? Lab assistants are available to help in Alderwood (ALD) Hall on the first floor and the Library on the third Floor.
  • Login instructions: Click ACS Login
  • COLOR PRINTING now available in the Library!
  • Did you know that your Edmonds College computer account provides access to student computers, the student wireless network, and Canvas?
  • Don’t miss out on free printing! Use your EdPass to print in campus computer labs and get 25 free pages before you have to pay to print! We’re working to reduce the number of pages printed on campus as part of the college’s sustainability initiative.
  • EdMail: E-mail for all students! Start college right — sign in to your new Edmonds College e-mail account powered by Google. Go to EdMail.
  • Edmonds College Computer Resources for Students: Please click the following link to read about the computer resources available on and around campus.