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Short Term Programs

Summer 2018 (2 or 4 weeks) | Beijing, China 

IT/Software Camp Program
Application Deadline: Approx. March 15, 2018
Tuition waived

Program duration can be chosen either for two weeks (approx June 27-July 10), or four weeks (approx June 27-July 22):

Two Week Option: IT Software Camp Only
Extended Four Week Option: Chinese Culture + IT Software Camp
IT Summer School at School of Software Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University combines cutting-edge technologies and experiencing Chinese culture. The IT Software Camp is guided by experts from famous IT companies.

Students work in small teams to design a creative mobile application for Android from scratch and learn how to install it on devices. Classes are held every morning, from Monday through Friday, with cultural workshops two afternoons per week. The Chinese Culture extension is guided by experienced Chinese-as-a-foreign-language teachers at Beijing Jiaotong University. Students will learn basic Chinese language and will take field trips around Beijing and experience Chinese cultural activities such as calligraphy, tea ceremony, traditional knitting and paper cutting. Classes are held every morning, from Monday through Friday, with culture workshops two afternoons per week including tours of the Great Wall of China, and famous caves of Beijing.

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Summer 2018 (3 weeks) | Morocco

August 26-Sept. 16 2018
Application Deadline:  May 10, 2018


About the Program:

Explore the beauty of the coastal city of Rabat, Morocco’s capital city. The program includes a guided city tour, and cultural activities like bread-making, henna, dance lessons, and a visit to a souk or Hamman.

Students will also visit the city of Marrakesh for three days. Marrakesh is a former imperial city of the Moroccan Berber Empire and remains an important cultural, religious, and trading center. Lodging, transportation, a city tour, and some meals are provided during this excursion.

Courses: Classes will be taught by local faculty at the AMIDEAST Center in Rabat, which is located in Rabat’s Agdal district. AMIDEAST is an American non-profit organization that provides international education, training, and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. Classes are informal, interesting and include history, culture, politics, literature, and an introduction to common words, expressions, and structures used in everyday speech by Moroccans. The course also includes multiple cultural activities in the local community.

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August-September 2018 (4 weeks) | Costa Rica

Application Deadline: May 14, 2018

costa rica

5 credits - Spanish Language

Costa Rica, land of many natural wonders: Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, luscious rainforests, abundant animal and plant life, and volcanoes. Students immerse themselves in language and culture while surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty and the warm, welcoming people of Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica offers students a safe and accessible place to study and to explore the peaceful beauty of her natural treasures. Whether studying Spanish or exploring the steaming volcanoes, pristine beaches, virgin forests, and the unique birds, mammals and ocean life all combine to make Costa Rica an idyllic place to live and study.

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