Learning Support Center

Information for Instructors

About the Learning Support Center:

The Learning Support Center provides free one-on-one academic support for students currently enrolled at Edmonds CC. Research shows that students who use college services have a higher rate of course and program completion. The faculty play a key role in helping the Center assist over 4,000 students each year.

Faculty Can Refer Students to Become Tutors:

We invite faculty to send their students to apply for the position of peer tutor in the Center. Faculty know which students have the best communication skills, the best group interaction skills, and the best understanding of subject-area concepts, so faculty are our best resource for hiring the best tutors.

Faculty Can Request Classroom Presentations:

We invite faculty to have a peer tutor come to their classroom to make a short presentation about the services provided by the Learning Center. A peer tutor will come to an instructor's class, hand out a flyer, and give a five minute presentation about the Center. Students find it helpful to hear from tutors who have taken the same course. We send a campus email each quarter inviting faculty from across the curriculum to request a classroom presentation. Instructors can request classroom visits at any time: at the beginning of the quarter or before a major assignment or test. Email Jeremiah Roland.

Faculty Can Bring Their Classes for a Tour:

We invite faculty to bring their classes to the Learning Support Center in Mukilteo Hall # 113 for a short tour during the first week of each quarter. Instructors don't have to schedule a tour during the first week; they can just drop by with their class at their convenience either at the beginning of their class or after and walk through the Center. Faculty can make these unscheduled tours only during the first week of the quarter because the Center is not too crowded at the beginning of the quarter. Email Jeremiah Roland.