International Student Services

International Assistant Program

Applications now open for Summer 2018. Application deadline: June 12, 5 p.m.

Students gathering outsideAre you looking for a chance to improve you leadership and communication skills?

To make new friends from all around the world?

To learn while helping others and having fun?

To add a great experience to your resume?

Your chance is finally here!

Apply for IA

What is the International Assistant Program?

students holding certificatesThe International Assistant (IA) Program is a volunteer opportunity for currently enrolled students of Edmonds Community College that consists of helping new international students during Welcome Orientation Week. It is a great chance for you to gain cultural awareness, make new friends from all over the world and learn by being a leader. After the program each International Assistant will receive a certificate and volunteer hours that will be great addition to their resume. The IA program includes a 1-2 day training, 3-5 days of orientation and a post-orientation dinner.

Things to know before you apply:

  • Every IA is required to participate in all components of the program.
  • IAs will be given training and instructions.
  • Participation in the training and during the Orientation Week is mandatory.
  • While IAs often work with others from their home country, all participants are expected to be friendly and helpful to every international student disregarding their origin, age, sex, religion, cultural background etc.

Not following these rules and others announced during the IA training will result in disciplinary actions including being dropped from the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

IA studentsWhen can I apply?

The Application usually opens in the middle of each quarter for the upcoming orientation. The programming team at ISS sends an email to announce the opening and also puts posters around campus. You can get more information about the program openings by coming to ISS office in Snohomish 301 or calling ISS Programming Team at 425.640.1399.

What happens after I apply?

After you fill the application form, ISS will send you an email if you will be invited to a group interview. Careful! We do eliminate students who skip sections of the application or submit unthoughtful responses.

Am I guaranteed acceptance?

The International Assistant program is a competitive program. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to select all students who apply due to the large number of applicants. If you don’t get selected when you apply, you will be encouraged to apply again next quarter. We consider how many times a candidate has applied and interviewed.

Do I need any kind of experience before I apply for the program?

No prior experience is required.J However, you must be a current student at Edmonds CC.

How do I know what I am supposed to do?

Before each orientation, ISS will provide training for the IAs where the whole orientation process will be explained in detail.

For questions or concerns, please email Adrian Bao or call us at 425.640.1399.