Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

budgeting assistant position

The ASEdCC Services and Activities Fee Budgeting Assistant is a temporary part-time student hourly position with the primary responsibility of reviewing and auditing all 522 program accounts for the previous three years. 522 accounts are student programs funded by the ASEdCC. The audit will focus on alignment of program goals, outcomes and assessment as stated in each of the 522 accounts budget narrative alignment with the approved budget and auditing each of the accounts expenditures. This position will work with the ASEdCC Executive Officer for Budget and Finance and develop a final report to be presented to the ASEdCC Executive Board and the ASEdCC Services and Activities Committee to be used in the annual ASEdCC Services and Activities Fee budget development process.

Download the application from here, and submit the application in Brier 252 front desk, or email

Important dates:

➢ Application deadline is 5 p.m., Monday, November 27, 2017

➢ Interviews will be scheduled between November 29 and December 1.

➢ Check your email for interview times on November 28, after 7 p.m.

Please visit Brier Hall (BRI) 252 or email for any questions.