Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

The Executive Board

This is the official voice of the student body. The board legislates, promotes, and regulates student activities and affairs. It represents Edmonds Community College students to faculty, staff, administrators, and legislators. The board can only act on issues raised by students, so please voice your concerns and share your accolades.

Executive Board Meeting Schedule

Meet the 2016-17 Executive Officers

Natcha Sriwongthai - Clubs


The Executive Officer for Clubs promotes and assists clubs by determining fundings, chartering, and attending club events.

"I’ve been at Edmonds Community College for two years now and I'm planning to transfer to university next year as a Chemical Engineer student. Being a student leader gives me the experiences that I couldn’t find anywhere else and I learn a lot from it. I improve my multitasking skills and learn how to be more open-minded and know that there's more than one side in everything. I choose to be a student leader because I would want to make a change and improve the community around me."

Naol Debele - Administrative Liaison

The Executive Officer for Administrative Liaison serves as the primary student administrator for Student Government and implements actions on decisions.

Noal's potrait

 "I am Naol Debele, an international student from Ethiopia. I am a second-year student at Edmonds Community College studying Mathematics and Materials Science. I plan to transfer to a four-year university for a Bachelor’s Degree and eventually continue my journey working on researches. I currently have a student leadership position in Associated Students of Edmonds Community College (ASEdCC) as the Executive Officer for Student Relations. I am a member of Edmonds CC Strategic Council Theme Core Four, I am a student volunteer for the Edmonds Community College Foundation. Outside of Edmonds CC, I study at Snohomish Flying Services for my Private Pilot License, I am a member of Black Pilots of America, National Honor Society, and Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME). Some of the recent awards and recognitions I have been fortunate to receive are, The Edmonds CC Foundation Scholarship, Outstanding Gold Medal from Mississippi State and Student of the year 2015/16. Before my current position at ASEdCC, I considered myself just as an impactful leader as I am now and what has changed for the most part is the amazing group of dedicated individuals who provide great support and teamwork. The passion I have to give back to my community and the personal goals I have set for myself, such as future jobs, future leadership positions, internships, University to transfer too, and so on, has led me to be a person who is very motivated to work in such positive environments. I am now very happy to be in a position that enables me to work with students, college faculty and staff, and community members."

Linh Tran - Budget and Finance


The Executive Officer for Budget and Finance acts as the financial manager and advisory for the Association.

"I’ll be graduating from Edmonds Community College in Summer 2017, and then, continue to pursue my Bachelor’s majoring in Accounting/Finance in a four-year university. That is why being an Executive Officer for Budget and Finance in Student Government has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only does it give me memorable moments in college, but it also builds a strong foundation for me in my future career, thanks to the professional environment, invaluable skills and connections it offers.
Even though choosing to be a student leader requires a lot of courage, responsibilities, and skills, you have every opportunity to create innovations, and make an impact on student life. And, I dare to do so!"

Farheen Saleem - Community Relations


The Executive Officer for Community Relations serves to represent students to various community - based committees.

"I am in my last year at Edmonds Community College, and plan to transfer to WSU and major in Communications! From being a student leader, I have learned to remain much more neutral in some of my views. I am more tolerant to other people's views, even if I disagree. I wanted to be a student leader simply because: I really care."

Maria French - Diversity


The Officer for Diversity works to support campus wide diversity efforts to create an inclusive, safe environment for all students. 

"My goal at Edmonds Community College is to finish my pharmacy technician certificate by end of Spring quarter. My current leadership roles I learned through a program at this school. The Latino Leadership Initiative is a program supported by a nonprofit organization, LETI. I was able to apply my skills by working on a community project. The project involved tutoring, mentoring, and playing soccer with students at College Place Middle School. I believe all the leadership programs at this school are effective. I found mentors, students that are willing to support me, and a wealth of knowledge that gives me confidence in myself in my leadership roles.

Gabriela Vaišvila - Student Relations


The Executive Officer for Student Relations takes notes of student concerns and issues, and is also responsible for supporting and understanding student rights.

"I’ve been lucky enough to be a Triton for two years now through my high school’s Running Start program. I’ll be graduating this spring quarter with my Pre-Nursing DTA, and I plan to transfer to a local college to become an RN. A career in nursing is something I’ve always strived for – helping others is my passion! I’ve had so many amazing experiences from being a student leader for clubs at my high school like Human Rights Club, German Club, and from being in a leadership position on my dance team. I choose to be a student leader because this school has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities, memories, and friendships, and I want to assure that all students on campus feel accepted and that their concerns are addressed appropriately. I truly look forward to working with the student body and assuring that Edmonds Community College is a safe and healthy environment for all students!"

Seongshin Park - Academics


The Exucutive Officer for Academics advocates for students in classroom issues and cordinates with staff, such as Executive Vice President for Instructions.

"Current quarter is my third quarter in Edmonds. I am currently majoring international studies. came to Edmonds Community College to interact with diverse students. I will be graduating Edmonds Community College by 2017 spring. To be honest, I do not consider myself as a student leader. Rather than the leader, I consider myself as helper but in the moment that I consider myself as a leader, I will consider myself as servant leader. The reason of choosing to be servant leader is due to sincere assurance that student government exists for students and student government has responsibility of students"

Tri Minh Do - Technology


The Executive Officer for Technology is an advocate for technology use campus wide and responsible for managing digital operations, such as our website and social media 

"I'm currently going through the last year at Edmonds with Computer science major. Experiences that I have from being a student leader is that decisions you make will never please everyone and you have to learn how to accept that. I choose to be a student leader is because I want to be more involved with my community, my school and make a change in helping my community a better place and my school a better learning experience for other students."

Nam Hoai Dang - Assistant to the Executive Board


The Assistant to the Executive Board helps organize many parts of Student Government, such as meetings, notes, and minutes.

"I have been pursuing an accounting degree in Edmonds Community College for 1 year and a half, so I will be graduating in this Spring. I personally like the diverse community in EdCC. Students in here come from everywhere around the world, so I can learn a lot from them. To me, being a student leader is a great opportunity to learn new skills and get more experience. So far, I have learned basic office skill, which they do not teach me at school. Also, I met with many great people from different backgrounds. I got some amazing experience from them. I chose to become a student leader because of two reasons. First of all, I want to contribute my ability to the community. I want to help other students and make college become a better place. Second, being a student leader means I need to challenge myself, and I believe that I can learn a lot by overcoming the obstacles on my road."

Matt Nguyen - Communication Assistant to the Executive Board


The Communications Assistant works on maintaining transparency by informing the student body through social media. 

"I'm currently a first-year student working towards a transfer degree in Computer Science. I plan on graduating during the 2017-2018 school year, and transferring to University of Washington. I'm very interested in the culture and community at Edmonds, and greatly enjoy working with the variety of talented and passionate individuals on campus to grow as a person.I have experience as a secretary and executive member for my Junior and Senior Class Office at Mariner High School. I planned and organized many events, and hope I can do the same here!I chose to be a student leader because I wanted to make meaningful change, and to offer my skills and abilities to the whole student body. As the school year progresses, I look forward to working for all of you"