Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

Student Clubs

Animation Club

Organize gatherings to discuss animation, meet people from different countries and participate in different activities like cultural games

ASL Club

Offer learning support to ASL students both past and present and to practice ASL together in an open, like-minded environment

Bee Club

Maintain the honeybee colonies on the college campus, promote awareness of the importance of honeybees, and sell honey and other products to generate funds to promote our mission

Campus Sustainability Club

Engage and empower students, faculty, and staff to adopt healthy, sustainbable practices that benefit our diverse campus and environment for future generations

Construction Management Student Association

Plan activities to foster professional growth, job opportunities and comreaderie among students in the Construction Management Program


Encourage Christian community, further the gospel of christ, and educate people about what the Bible says about certain topics. Bring the goodness of Jesus Christ to EdCC

EDCC College Young Life

Reach out to students who need community, encourage them to reach their potential as students and as people, and provide a way for them to be positive leaders/citizens in their community

EDCC Hip Hop Dance Club

Provide a platform for studnets to come together and learn to dance and share experiences with people who have the passion to dance

Edcc Soccer Club

Promote the Indonesian culture at Edmonds Community College

Edmonds Indonesian Club

To play friendly soccer matches

Engineering Club

Connect prospective and current engineering students with one another and share resources for future success

Global Volunteer Club

Promote service learning on campus and in the global community and to give students opportunities for volunteering

High School Association

Help and advise students to overcome obstacles and guide them towards the helpful resources

Historical Society

Promote Historical discussion, research and educate about the importance of history

International Volley Ball Club

Play volleyball and develop understanding with people from different countries and backgrounds

Japanese Club

To provide a forum that encourages the open use of Japanese language and cultural exchange


Share music

Martial Arts Club

Get students enagaged in a self defense club based on diversity and different Martial Arts styles and meet other students with common interests

Merchants Of Hope

Selling hope, having networking with those who share similar interests and to support each other

Muslim Student Associaton

Bring awarenness to Islam

Nap Club

Improve student experience at Edcc through relaxation, helath imporvement and social connections

Native Student Association

Honor our past by supporting our future through sharing our culture and educating each other

Optimal Fitness Club

Pursue health and fitness and help members achieve a healthy lifestyle

Orthodox Christian Student Association

To promote unity and fellowship among Orthodox Christian students by studying through outings and activities, act as a communication point and provide a warm platform to those interested in learning about Orthodoxy

Pacific Islander Club

To perpetuate and promote our indigenous Pacific Island Club

Phi Theta Kappa

Support members who are Phi Theta Kappa members

Photography Club

Bring together a diverse group of people that have a common interest in photography

Pokemon Fan Club

Discuss play style, different aspect of pokemon, and gather together as a fan of Pokemon

Project Home Association

Assist students with cost surrounding housing expenses. These expenses include (but are not limited to) monthly rent, move in fees/deposits, toiletries, school supplies, furniture, eviction prevention,and utilities.

Running Club

Promote students, faculty and staff to exercise their bodies as well as their minds

Running Start Club

Build connections within the running start community while sharing the resources and opportunities Edmonds CC offers to their students

Society of Womens Engineers

Encourage and engage more students into engineering, specifically females.

The Law Association

Foster social relationships and leadership opportunities for paralegal students, and enhance their experience at EdCC

Triton Student Veteran Association

To create an environement that empowers students and veterans to achieve their personal, professional and academic goals through campus and community engagement

Vietnamese Student Association

Promote Vietnamese culture at EdCC and act as a platform to connect Vietnamese students together

Visual Arts Club

To provide a platform where people who are interested in art can meet, share their work, and learn more about art


To give students the opportunity to experience scientific research at the community college level and give them tools to succeed in real life research fields