Academic Computer Services

Computer Lab Policies

  • The full Edmonds Community College Computer Lab Policy is available to view online. An overview of the Edmonds Community College Computer Lab policy is below.
  • The campus copyright policy is available to view online: Copyright Policy
  • The campus regulation for the use of technology resources is available to view online: Technology Resources Use
  • Edmonds Community College computers are provided for academic use. Homework has priority over other use during open lab.
  • Displaying and printing of pornography and inappropriate material are prohibited.
  • Downloading of software, games, and utilities are not allowed in the lab.
  • Food or drinks are NOT allowed in the lab. Water, in a bottle with a lid, is okay. Drinks left in the hallway will be discarded.
  • Please do not loiter or socialize in the labs. Open labs are quiet areas, no loud talking.
  • Lab Assistants are available to provide technical support. They wear blue name badges and are stationed in computer labs and in the hall. If there are no Lab Assistants in the hall please be patient, they are helping other students.
  • Consult your textbook before asking a Lab Assistant for help with a program or application. Lab Assistants are here to help with computer and printer problems. They cannot teach concepts.
  • Do not move the computers, monitors, or disconnect any cables.
  • For the security of your files, accounts not logged out will be disabled. Login/Logout Instructions are posted in each room.
  • Per college policy C6.4.300, please do not bring children to the open labs. Please do not leave children in hallways.
  • No bicycles are allowed inside buildings on campus.
  • If you need special accommodations, please contact Services for Students with Disabilities in MLT 159 or call 425.640.1320.
  • Please back up your files. Consider keeping more than one copy of important files. Network drives may crash and flash drives can get lost.
  • Flash drives may be connected to campus computers. No personal computers, laptops/notebooks, peripherals, (cameras, portable hard drives, etc.,) may be connected to the campus wired network or computers. Do not attach any bootable device to campus computers. As is usual with personal property, users of these devices assume all responsibility for supporting and troubleshooting their storage media. 

Copyright Policy

It is the policy of Edmonds Community College to respect copyright and license agreements as specified by federal and state laws.  Students using computers at Edmonds Community College have the responsibility to use the resources in an ethical and legal manner.  This means that the users agree to abide by the following conditions:

  • The integrity of the system must not be altered. Sub-directories and/or files on any hard drive may not be added to, changed, or deleted.
  • Unauthorized software may not be installed on any ACS computer system.
  • Students, faculty, or staff may not copy any licensed software found on any Edmonds Community College system. 

Technology Resource Use Policy

Federal and state laws and college policy forbid certain behaviors which have the effect of creating a hostile learning environment for students or a hostile work environment for employees. An example of such forbidden behavior is accessing, creating, storing or printing graphic or degrading written or electronic documents of a sexual nature, sexually-oriented photos, cartoons, etc. which are not directly related to the instruction that the student is intended to receive. Students who violate this prohibition may be subject to disciplinary action including loss of access through the college's computers and possible termination from the college's instructional program. Please be aware that college staff monitor what is being accessed and stored on college equipment in the academic computer labs.